Ode to Jumpsuits

I have a confession: I love jumpsuits and rompers. I know a lot of people hate them because of the bathroom situation – and yes, it is a bit annoying to have to basically strip to use the toilet – but I love them despite this problem! I don’t really like wearing short skirts or dresses because of the possibility of flashing my underwear if a breeze springs up or I need to get into or out of a car, and rompers and jumpsuits fix this issue while still being super cute.

Aritzia jumpsuit


I got this jumpsuit on sale at Aritzia, and it’s seriously the most low-effort but stylish piece I own. I wear it all the time because it’s just so easy – pull it on and there’s your outfit! No need for coordination or trying to find that one shirt you know goes so well with that other pair of shorts but has mysteriously disappeared. Just pull it on and go! Another great thing about this jumpsuit is that there are NO buttons. It’s just an elastic top. I hate trying to wrestle with buttons on the back, so this is a big plus.

Sitting on ledge next to graffiti

I styled this outfit with a big pendant necklace, feather earrings, and basic black block heel sandals. I think the pendant and feather earrings give the outfit a little bit of a bohemian look, and the neutral colors pair well with the subtle pinkish-brown color of the jumpsuit.

Walking down the street

The elastic at the waist is great to give some shape, and the wide legs are super comfy. I also like the texture, it means I don’t have to be too careful about hanging it up after every wear so it doesn’t get wrinkled! It’s modal, so it’s very soft and easy to wear.

Jumpsuit with jacket

It got a little bit chilly as the day wore on, so I threw on this floral cropped jacket I’ve had forever. It’s from H&M, but somehow it has lasted for years! Cropped jackets are great with the current high-waisted pants (or jumpsuit) trend, and this floral pattern adds interest to basically anything. I love pairing it with black and white stripes, too!

Cropped floral jacket

I’ve also had these sunglasses forever. They’re Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I got them way back when I lived in Tokyo. The shape works well with my face, and I like the red color. I kind of wish I could wear aviators like all the cool girls I see on Instagram, but my face somehow just does not work with the aviator shape. One thing I’ve learned, though, is never to try to force a trend to work! If something just doesn’t work on you for whatever reason, don’t try to force it, just stick to whatever actually does look good on your face or body.

One caveat to this is if you absolutely adore a trend and don’t care if it really “suits” you or not – if you feel good wearing it, go for it! Don’t let fashion trends dictate what you think you need to put on your body though!