Rick Owens and the Kooples in Capitol Hill Part I

We shot some photos today in Capitol Hill before brunch at Fork & Spoon. We thought it was going to be nice since the weather forecast said sunny and in the high 50s – low 60s, but we were duped. It was super windy, and therefore cold! If it wasn’t so windy it would have been quite a nice day, but wind ruins many a would-be nice day here in Denver. Got some cool photos though!

The brunch spot we went to was decent. Not as good as our go-to Sassafras, but if the line at Sassafras is an hour or longer Fork & Spoon is a decent option. I had a prosciutto benedict, and it was good despite the prosciutto being way too thick. The eggs were poached well and the flavors were nice. My latte was made well too.

Today Will was in basically head to toe Rick Owens. I bought him the shoes (secondhand) for our anniversary last year, and he’s been getting a lot of wear out of them. The split sole is unique and looks pretty cool, and the suede is in great condition. The pants and jacket are also Rick, and the tank is from Oak. When we were in Dallas, he couldn’t get into a club because he was wearing those pants! We were pretty shocked, but I guess the dress code was jeans or trousers only.

I got the shorts I’m wearing from the Kooples in Santa Monica during a sale. They’re silk with embroidered cranes, retail was something like $200 and I snagged them for $40. Probably my best fashion find of last year! The sunglasses are Spitfire, bought at local shop Fancy Tiger on South Broadway. They look super cool (you can’t tell from these photos but they have a snake wrapping around the top of the lenses), but they don’t really block the sun all that well…

the Kooples silk shorts fashion shoot


Capitol Hill photo shoot


Denver fashion blogger photoshoot

The wind was so strong!

the Kooples silk shorts embroidered cranes


Rick Owens jacket


Rick Owens tech runners




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