Best Brunch in Denver

Brunch is the quintessential weekend activity after going out (or staying in watching Netflix till 2am…), and my boyfriend and I have gone to quite a few brunch places since moving to Denver. Nothing can really compare to Republique in Los Angeles, but we’ve found some pretty great spots! We’ve also found quite a few underwhelming places (Root Down was a betrayal, we were expecting amazing things from one of the highest rated restaurants in Denver on Yelp but it let us down), but overall the brunch scene in Denver is not to be scoffed at.

First on the list is our favorite, Sassafras. There are two locations, in Highlands and Capitol Hill, but we’ve only been to the one in Capitol Hill. It’s a fairly small place so there’s pretty much always a wait, but it is worth it. The interior looks like your grandma’s house, and the food is Southern heaven. They’ve got BBQ pork so tender it falls apart on your fork, fluffy and rich biscuits, chicken fried poached egg (yes you read that right… it’s a poached egg that’s battered and fried), and everything we’ve tried so far has been simply delicious.

They are also known for their variety of bloody Marys and mimosas. We had a bloody Mary flight one time, and another time tried two of the mimosas. There is one mimosa with bell pepper and lime that is bright green and amazing.

Bloody Mary flight

^Bloody Mary flight

Fried green tomato Benedict

^Fried green tomato Benedict

Next is Onefold. This restaurant is teeny tiny, with barely enough space between the row of tables and the counter to walk to the bathroom, but the food is great. It’s an interesting combination of pure American breakfast food and Asian inspired cuisine. On our last visit, I had the “ordinary breakfast” which consists of potatoes, eggs over easy, and bacon. My boyfriend had hong shao rou, which is Shanghai style braised pork belly. Also on the menu is a massive breakfast burrito and duck congee. Very eclectic, but also very good!

Coffee and breakfast bowl

^Coffee and “Ordinary Breakfast”

Coffee and flowers


Stowaway is another gem. Located in RiNo, they’re a coffee shop + cafe with Mediterranean inspired brunch. The food menu is small, but each dish is well prepared with beautiful presentation. The coffee is delicious as well, they use coffee from local roasters and offer batch brew, Aeropress, cold brew, and all the typical varieties of espresso.

Mushroom tartine

^Mushroom tartine with goat cheese and beet hummus

Trout tartine

^Trout tartine with tzatziki sauce

Last but not least, I have to mention Star Kitchen, our go-to dim sum brunch. While not as good as some of the dim sum places in Los Angeles (to be fair, it’s hard to beat LA Chinese food), it’s got a respectable selection and as long as you go there early enough, it’s pretty fresh. We’ve made the mistake of getting there too late before, and they ran out of popular items and what was left had been sitting out a while. You should try to get there around 11:30 at the latest, as it could take up to an hour to be seated and they start running out of food around 1pm.

Dim sum brunch

^Taro cake, BBQ pork buns, tea