Yosemite, Summer 2016

Back when we were still living in LA, Will and I took a day trip up to Yosemite. Despite living in Fresno for two years, Will had never been there before! Obviously we had to remedy that, as Yosemite is one of America’s great treasures.

We went during the height of summer, so while the waterfalls were at their peak, so were the crowds. We spent around 45 minutes just trying to find parking! It was worth it though. We did the Vernal Stairs trail, and the waterfall was massive. We got soaked just from the spray as we hiked up (and appreciated it, as it was hot AF). I had visited the year before in November and did the same route, and the Vernal Falls were more like the Vernal Trickle.

So we hiked up past the Vernal Falls, considered going even higher, but decided to head down because it was getting late in the day (traffic and parking had made us get a late start…). We took the John Muir trail down for some different scenery.

One of these days, I want to hike to the top of Half Dome. You need a permit to use the ropes to get to the top though, and permits are given out in a lottery… and there’s the fact that it’s a lot farther to get to Yosemite from Denver than LA haha.

In the meantime, it’s winter in Denver right now and that means skiing. I’ve been snowboarding before (went pretty often back when I lived in Tokyo), but I’m going to try actual skis for the first time tomorrow! We’ll see how that goes…

Yosemite National Park

That little pink backpack was perfect for a day of hiking. Super light, fit everything we needed, easy to access things. On another note, I’ve had this blue Bebe shirt since 2009… it’s still going strong!

Hiking in Yosemite


Vernal Falls Yosemite


Hiking Vernal Falls


Hiking Vernal Falls


Yosemite waterfalls

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