Denver RiNo Arts District Photoshoot Part I

Will and I headed up to the RiNo district for brunch and a photoshoot last Sunday. RiNo, short for River North, is an up and coming area of Denver filled with independent restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and breweries. It’s got a very industrial vibe and interesting backdrops, which is what we had in mind for shooting some fashion pics. There are also some great murals, but we lost our light before we could get to them all!

We felt a bit overdressed for brunch, but we got some good shots in before the light got too intense. The sun starts to go down around 3pm in the winter here, it’s pretty awful. I guess people who are even further north have it even worse though. The plus side is that the day lasts a long time in the summer, but in the winter it’s kind of miserable.

Anyway, here are the shots we got. We’re still beginners at this photography thing, but I think we got some good ones! The main articles we’re showcasing are the Stella McCartney Elyse platform derbys that Will got for me for Christmas, and the Undercover archival parka that Will bought himself about a month ago.

allsaints bomber lace culottes rose gold elyse


rick owens ramones


white shirt lace culottes stella mccartney elyse


undercover black mold parka


balenciaga city bag lace culottes


stella mccartney rose gold elyse derby platforms


undercover parka rick owens hoodie

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