Why Denver?

It’s a valid question to ask someone who’s not a sports buff, a pothead, or just flying in for the easy access to hiking in the mountains. To be honest, I had no real reason to visit besides my boyfriend’s promise that it’s a super fun city. I didn’t even root for the Broncos during the Superbowl – I picked North Carolina to win because I like their uniform colors better. Yet, my boyfriend came through on his promise – Denver is actually a pretty great city!

fururistic pyramid denver

The Botanical Gardens were particularly nice. This futuristic pyramid is the science pavilion where they had exhibits about various Colorado environments and plants.

gateway arch denver botanical gardens

There was a Japanese garden as well. It wasn’t as extensive as the Japanese gardens in Portland but there was a gallery of bonsai trees and a Zen garden and this cool little gateway. I miss Tokyo!

bees bees bees

^^ I have provided some blurry bees for your enjoyment. There were many bees but it is difficult to get them in focus with an iphone. One day I will master this skill.

Stay tuned for more pics from Denver once I find them!


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