The Getty Museum

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I made an excursion out to the Getty. It had been a while since we went to a museum, and the Getty was having an exhibition that I wanted to check out, the replica Dunhuang caves with Buddhist art.

The Getty is a very scenic museum, with views of Los Angeles, clean and modern architecture, outdoor picnicking areas and gardens. (It’s also, incidentally, filled with Pokemon.) The day we were there, though, the view was quite post-apocalyptic, as there was a fire burning in Santa Clarita and the smoke was blown towards LA. The sky was nearly black by the time we left. This was the second major fire that happened that week; just a few days earlier there was a fire in the Hollywood Hills that we could see and smell from my office in Burbank.

We did a mini photoshoot at the Getty as we walked around getting our culture fix. Have a look at some of the cool photos we took! (By we, I mean Will.)

Getty museum LA

Beautiful airy hallway


Janus head


A view and a breeze


Flower trees


Abstract statue


Giant urn


Classical statues


The world is ending


Dunhuang cave replica


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