El Matador Beach, Malibu

I went to El Matador beach in Malibu with my boyfriend and another friend who gave us a DSLR tutorial (thanks, Ernie!). I’d never been to El Matador before, but it’s a popular destination for photographers. We saw lots of photoshoots going on while we were there.

el matador beach malibu

It is a very scenic beach, lots of picturesque rock formations and blue water. We tried to get there early so as to get the best light, but we ran late and there was some traffic (as always) so we ended up getting there a little later than we had planned.

pacific ocean malibu waves

The water was freezing, although the weather that morning was beautiful. Unfortunately we forgot our beach blanket so we couldn’t lie out on the beach and chill, but we did do some nice strolling along the beach, dodging giant piles of seaweed.

scenic rock formation malibu

This weekend was the start of a heat wave in LA, with temperatures reaching above 100 degrees in the Valley. At the beach it was much nicer, cooler with a sea breeze.

el matador cliff

I took some photos of Will too. Check out that awesome pineapple tank he’s wearing. Super cute! I tried to convince him to buy some pineapple shorts too but he wouldn’t do it.


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